Peter Mackay, Standing Out Among The Crowd


Scientists have researched why long-married couples start to look like one another over time. Husbands and wives who did not have any specific resemblance to each other when they were first married begin to come to resemble each other over decades of marriage.

The increase in facial similarity results from decades of shared emotions, according to Robert Zajonc from the University of Michigan.

And so it is with Peter Mackay, the long-time personable race director of the Flowers Sea Swim.

Mackay is so intertwined with the pool and sea swimming community of the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association that he is remarkably reflective of the aquatic ambiance of the islands.

His ubiquitous sun hat reminds us of the yellow and orange buoys that dot the sea swim courses that are used during open water swims in the Cayman Islands.

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