Pam, this is the type of series of articles that I envision writing about you. The photos would augment each article.
One Of The Boys
Sharing The Passion
Madam Butterfly
Feeling Beautiful
Daring To Bikini
Coordinated In And Out Of The Water
Stringing Them Along
These are just some thoughts on each of these articles (see samples below) that will be enhanced by the photos taken by Eric. These are just ideas, not full blown articles. I need about 20 minutes to write each one. I will try to complete before noon today in between my son’s water polo games.

Daring To Bikini

“I just love it when we were in Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana Beach and so many women were wearing itty bitty bikinis,” said Lexie Kelly. “And most of them were definitely not hard bodies. ”

“Yup, they came in all sorts of shapes and sizes,” observed Ashley Twichell. “Some were fit and some had…ummmm…cellulite. But they all were walking around the beach, swimming and enjoying themselves without being self-conscious.”

“But here in Southern California, there is so much pressure to be hot-looking, especially if they are wearing a bikini,” observed 51-year-old Pam Lazzarotto. “It is as if everyone is staring at you, judging you, and giving you a point total. We just feel that pressure, and it just feels more comfortable to cover things up.”

But Lazzarotto was encouraged to wear a bikini to practice by her teammates. “The guys were just egging me on. ‘C’mon Pam, just wear it,’ they just kept on telling me. But I was so nervous. I spin, I run, I cycle, I swim everyday. I watch what I eat, but I was still nervous. My stomach is not tan and I wanted someone to Photoshop a six-pack on my abs.”

to be continued…

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