No False Moves, Dramatic Visualization Of Shark Encounters


We posted an article on the concept of Fight-or-Flight Response When Sharks Are Spotted (here).

Hall of Famer Ned Denison of Ireland explains his intend to fight if the situation calls for it.

Before my False Bay swim in South Africa, I did a lot of shark visualizaton training – including two swims alone in the days before. Trust me this did not include watching the Discovery Channel. I played the scene of the 21-foot great white shark attack over and over.

In my pre-swim visualisation, I caught the snout with on hand and lower jaw with the other and rode the attack into the air. Only then did I release my right hand and start delivering the crunching punches. This set the shark to flight mode.

By the time I was then in False Bay surrounded by 3 safety boats, I felt 100 times safer and was more mentally prepared to see a shark – and not at the end of an attack.”

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