Neptune Rises – Tune In, Tune Out While Swimming


FINIS announced the launch of its new Neptune MP3 Player.

The Neptune, the next generation of the popular SwiMP3® player, uses Bone Conduction technology to transmit clear audio through the cheekbone and directly into your inner ear. The yellow-themed MP3 player allows swimmers and aquatic enthusiasts to listen to music, audio books, and podcasts while working out in the pool or open water.

FINIS has upgraded the Neptune with an integrated display and increased memory. The waterproof Neptune now has 4GB of storage and an improved file transfer compatibility with iTunes®. “The Neptune, with its Bone Conduction technology is one of the coolest products I have ever used,” said Jason Dunford, an 2008 Olympic finalist from Nairobi, Kenya. “Long aerobic workouts are made that much more enjoyable when I can listen to my favorite tunes.”

When I go on 3-6 mile swims around Naples Island or in Sunset Beach, it helps to listen to some upbeat music,” explains Lexie Kelly, a Californian marathon swimmer. “Sometimes I just want to zone out when I am out in the ocean or a lake, but with music, I feel more engaged in my workout and less apt to lose my focus. But what is interesting is that I can still hear the sounds of the ocean – especially a boat – because the music is not blasting in my ear drum.”

John Mix, founder of FINIS, describes the new 3-piece design.

The Neptune includes 2 side speakers that rest on the cheekbones and attach to any goggle strap, and a high contrast OLED screen that sits comfortably on the back of the head. Most importantly, the Neptune’s hydrodynamic design does not use earbuds, creating a comfortable experience in the water. By keeping the ears free from obstruction, swimmers can still hear others around them when outside the water. The Neptune MP3 Player has already been awarded the prestigious “red dot award: product design 2013” for high design quality. The new speaker quality of the Neptune is unlike anything out there in the market and the Neptune holds approximately 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback.”

The FINIS Neptune is available here.

Marathon swimmers have already started to share their comments on the new FINIS product and its competitors here.

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