Negative vs. Positive Acronyms In The Open Water


There are all kinds of acronyms used in various languages.

They have various meanings and myriad connotations on land and in society.

But when we look at acronyms with negative connotations and change them into acronyms with positive connotations related to the sport of open water swimming, this is what we think of when we think of common American English acronyms:

PED – Performance Enhancing Drug vs. People Enjoying Distance
DQ – Disqualified vs. Distance Quality
SOS – Save Our Souls vs. Swimming Outside Surf
DUI – Driving Under (the) Influence vs. Dramatic Underwater Images
SAD – Social Anxiety Disorder vs. Swimming Amid Dolphins
DUI – Driving Under Influence vs. Dolphining Under Inundation
SOS – Save Our Souls vs. Swimming Over Sandbars
BAC – Blood Alcohol Content vs. Bloody Aquatic Conditions
CCC – Corruption & Crime Commission vs. Crushing Cresting Collapse (i.e., wipeout)

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