Mental Mindset At Zero…Swimming And Exploring At 0ºC


Nuala Moore on her ice swimming experience in 0ºC inside the Arctic Circle explains and explores much here.

When speaking with ice swimmers and learning how they are able to push themselves so far in such cold conditions, as they accept the environment in which they willingly put themselves, we begin to realize how many limitations we place upon ourselves in the course of our daily lives and during our swimming career.

We wonder how many and what competition pool swimmers and other athletes can learn from the mindset and unique toughness that ice swimmers possess from Ireland to Russia, from the Czech Republic to South Africa. Is there anything to be learned from the ice swimming community?

In other words, are these ice swimmers special people? Or are they just normal humans doing extraordinary exploits? Or are they examples of how many of us are simply not exploring our true potential? We suspect there is much to be learned and to be taught by these individuals who are at the frontier of exploration of the human potential.

Photo courtesy of Nuala Moore.

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