Men vs. Women In Las Vegas 10K


In viewing the results from the 10 km U.S. Masters Swimming National Championships, it was interesting to compare men versus women.

28 women (averaging 40.75 years old) and 38 men (averaging 44.8 years old) completed the 10 km race in Lake Mead.

Led by Bill May, the men’s overall average time was 2 hours 46 minutes. Led by Lexie Kelly, the women’s overall average time was quite close in 2 hours 50 minutes.

If we compare the times between swimmers closer in age, we find these averages:

For swimmers in their 20s, women averaged 2:33 while men averaged 2:36.
For swimmers in their 30s, women averaged 2:49 while men averaged 2:40.
For swimmers in their 40s, women averaged 2:56 while men averaged 2:46.
For swimmers in their 50s, women averaged 3:00 while men averaged 2:54.
For swimmers over 60, women averaged 2:59 while men averaged 2:48.

Photo shows Bill May and Lexie Kelly.

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