Lance Ogren Finishes Triple Crown Of Open Water Swimming


New York’s Lance Ogren successfully completed the final leg of his Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming today with a successful Catalina Channel swim in 10 hours 16 minutes.

Escorted by Captain John Pittman on the Outrider, his observers were Tina Neill and Becky Jackman-Beeler, two other members of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. So he was in excellent hands.

Today’s successful Catalina Channel crossing (10 hours 36 minutes) combined with his 2009 English Channel crossing (11 hours 35 minutes) and two successful Manhattan Island Marathon Swim circumnavigations (7 hours 59 minutes in 2009 and 8 hours 16 minutes in 2010) to complete the feat.

Ogren became the 68th person in human history to join the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming…and he is undoubtedly enjoying a nice, long hot bath after his early-season triumph in the Pacific Ocean.

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