Keep Your Head Up In The Open Water


The Oak Streakers, an open water swimming pod based out of Laguna Beach, California, have a tradition of doing special or tough ocean workouts when one of their members has a birthday.

Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association board member Lynn Kubasek issued a Wilson Workout for this weekend where the ocean swimmers have to swim out to the Laguna Beach buoy with a ball, swimming head-up water polo style. Given the oncoming ocean swells, the birthday swim will not be easy.

The theme is to swim a ball around the Main Beach buoy and back. It can be solo or as a team. It is non-competitive and all in the spirit of fun. I will bring extra balls…Wilson’s relatives. Swimmers are welcome to bring their own balls. This will be fun! Woo Hoo!

Note: Wilson is a sporting goods company that manufactures all kinds of balls. The Oak Streakers have adopted a washed-up volleyball as their mascot when it was found on the beach in the distant past.

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