Keep Your Head Up And Watch For The Fish

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

One day in the distant future, ocean swimmers may have to watch out for floating pods of fish.

In order to feed the growing global population, futuristic-oriented aquaculturists are considering development of giant saltwater cages of fish floating in the ocean.

If we confine ourselves to technology that needs to be anchored in the coastal zone, we’re unable to exploit vast areas in the middle of the ocean,” predicts Cliff Goudey, former director of MIT’s Offshore Aquaculture Engineering Center.

Goudey helped create the Aquapod, a free-floating cage for offshore aquaculture. In theory, the cages will be self-propelled and designed to float far from the coasts out of shipping channels and away from currents while the fish grow and multiply.

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