John Kuzmkowski Is Masterfully Going The Distance


59-year-old John Kuzmkowski is swimming nearly 12,000 yards a day, building up a sizable lead in the U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance program.

The small business owner and dedicated swimmer from the Allegheny Masters Team finished second in the 2012 U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance competition with 1,700 miles swum.

But he is committed to winning the program in 2013 and, barring an injury or illness, he looks to be well on his way to achieving his goal.

In the Go The Distance program managed by U.S. Masters Swimming, thousands of adults track their pool and open water swimming distance swum on a daily basis. Speed does not count – just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself. And Kuzmkowski is doing just that.

1. John Kuzmkowski (59) 707.65 miles
2. Timothy Martin (48) 573.80 miles
3. Lexie Kelly (26) 470.97 miles
4. Karen Eldred (30) 424.20 miles
5. Grizzly B Wahl (24) 420.45 miles
6. Eric Mulkey (58) 371.36 miles
7. Harriet M Wall (71) 362.33 miles
8. Robert E Young (56) 348.91 miles
9. Charley Young (26) 334.12 miles
10. Charles H Dean (47) 332.95 miles
11. Brian J McLaughlin (58) 327.33 miles
12. Andy Seretan (60) 324.60 miles

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