Ivanka Gavanski Is Going The Distance

Ivanka Gavanski is a 37-year-old American open water swimmer, runner and triathlete from San Diego, California. A chemistry graduate of York University in Toronto, Canada, she works in a managerial position at Santarus, but is tearing up the waterways in San Diego.

Gavanski is a frequent participant in ocean swims and is the early leader of the U.S. Masters Swimming Go The Distance program. She is currently averaging over an incredible 10 miles (16 km) of swimming per day and has already hit 614 miles to date this year.

If she keeps it up, she may eclipse the other recent overall winners in the Go The Distance program with more than 2,400 miles of swim training per day.

2007: Carrie Kostopulos 1803.56 miles (2901 km)
2008: Carrie Kostopulos-Doebler 2000.32 miles (3218 km)
2009: Don Tatzin 1543.21 miles (2485 km)
2010: Don Tatzin 1,789.18 (2879 km)
2011: Don Tatzin 1,731 miles (2781 km)
2012: Timothy Martin 2,039 miles (3,281 km)

Can she keep up the pace?

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