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Graceful, Balletic, Beautiful Movement Underwater

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Julie Gautier and her husband Guillaume Néry are renowned freedivers who made a film One Breath Around the World that showcases their skills and unique athletic interpretations of the underwater world.

Gautier was born and raised in Réunion Island located in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar and is an author, speaker, film director, director of photography, underwater model and artist, camerawoman, and dancer as well as a freediver extraordinaire. 

I have swum all my life, but always on the surface of the ocean. I love it when the ocean is tranquil and there are cloudless skies above me with streaks of sunlight piercing to he water depths,” said Steven Munatones. “I stare below me if I am swimming away from shore and coral reefs. Sometimes, I can see marine life, but most of the times, there are not. It is just water, sometimes clear, many times murky. But it would be so wonderful to be to move underwater as gracefully and beautifully as Julie. Her movements seem so free, so joyful, so powerful, and so expressive. She is so harmonious with the ocean and water around her.”

For more information about Gautier, visit here. Listen to her explanations and descriptions below in a Ted Talk in Lausanne:

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