Graceful As She Goes


Grace van der Byl is setting the pace at the S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge. She dominated the 4-day stage swim on the first 2 days, but today’s 17-mile (27.3 km) swim in Apache Lake is really in her wheelhouse.

We asked her about her impressions of yesterday’s 9-mile swim in Canyon Lake. “The course zig-zagged a lot, but having a paddler was key. The scenery was beautiful again in the 66-72ºF (18-22ºC) water with winds that were either with us or lateral across the course.

The water was so clear; [husband] Neal spotted some trout jumping but I didn’t see any marine life other than big horn sheep along the shore and some rabbits. I would like to go back to swim here for training because its perfect temperature with clear water and clean, great conditions.”

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