Giving Back At The Highest Levels

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

The tradition lives.

As Stewart Evans volunteered for Ted Erikson’s swim from the Farallon Islands in 1967, Ned Denison has encouraged contemporary marathon swimmers to volunteer in greater numbers for everything in the open water swimming community ranging from local events to solo crossings. With plenty of veterans showing the way, the tradition of volunteering and giving back to the open water world is alive and well.

The recent elections at the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation annual meeting were typical of the sense of camaraderie and sharing.

Experienced English Channel swimmers filled the ranks of the officers helping others achieve their Channel aspirations. Nick Adams reported the following:

* Michael Oram was re-elected to fill the Chairman’s position.
* Nick Adams was re-elected to the President’s position
* Katherine Batts was elected to the Treasurer’s position
* Kevin Murphy will be the Honorary Secretary for another two years [shown above]
* Julian Critchlow stands down as Vice Chairman and was thanked for his service
* Boris Mavra was elected to the post of Vice Chairman
* Sakura Adams and Ian Down were re-elected to the committee
* Mike Cross was elected onto the committee

The full report is here.

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