Get Everyone Moving With G.E.M. And Doug Woodring


Aquapreneur Doug Woodring is organizing the second Hong Kong – San Francisco Ocean Film Festival and The Ocean Art Walk in Hong Kong. He explains the new festival concept below.

One of the hottest singers in Asia – G.E.M. is working with Woodring and the Ocean Recovery Alliance to help reduce the amount of plastics in the oceans (see video below). G.E.M. – which stands for Get Everyone Moving – is committed to helping the environment in various ways. In order to reduce plastic waste, G.E.M. created a Glow Stick app for her fans’ smart phones so they do not have to buy the plastic Glow Sticks at her concerts that ultimately create waste.

The Ocean Film Festival runs through April 17th. Tonight at Agnes B, the Festival will showcase TED talks on the ocean as well. Woodring is also producing The Ocean Art Walk which is being held until April 23rd on the Stanley Waterfront.

The HK-SF International Ocean Film Festival is showcasing more than 30 films, short films and documentaries revolving around marine life, adventure, exploration, culture, and shark issues. In partnership with the film festival, Hong Kong Shark Foundation will host The Ocean Art Walk, displaying art from local emerging artists at Stanley’s Promenade from April 9 through to 23. Artists will include Kacey Wong, Rob Luxton, Kiwi Liu, Wendy Lau, as well as Richard and Judith Lang from San Francisco.

Tonight, Festival visitors can learn about finding the Giant Squid, the State of the Ocean, and how to scuba dive in a wheel chair. Movies include the Ocean At a Tipping Point and a movie about surfers who care. For more information, visit here.

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