Epic Lake Swim From Wisconsin To Michigan


Epic Lake Swim From Wisconsin To Michigan

Courtesy of Jim Dreyer, Mighty Mac Swim, Lake Michigan from Wisconsin to Michigan.

Jim Dreyer, the Executive Director of the Mighty Mac Swim, completed a solo mid-lake crossing of Lake Michigan in 1998.

22 years later, he was able to welcome six more swimmers of a mid-lake crossing. The team left Two Rivers in the state of Wisconsin on August 11th and finished at Big Sable Point in Michigan across the fifth largest lake in the world after 20 hours 50 minutes 0.43 seconds. Their tracker captured the distance at 56.74 miles or 91.3 km.

Dreyer was there at the finish, “Nick Hobson, Jon Ornée, Dave Ornée, Jeremy Sall, Matt Smith, and Todd Suttor of the Epic Swim 2020 team knocked it out of the park, swimming over 50 miles in a relay across the heart of this freshwater sea. They were fast, it was a swim for the ages, and they made memories to last a lifetime.”

For more information on their charity swim on behalf of For Love of Water (FLOW), visit www.epicswim2020.com and their GoFundMe site.

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