DARTing Out Of Tsunami Danger


The DART Buoy Array is a global network of tsunameters and surface buoys that serve as an early warning detection system for tsunamis.

DART stands for Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis and is a system of ocean floor-anchored tsunameters and surface buoys that are deployed across the oceans to form a monitoring and communications network. The DART Buoy Array provides warning to coastline communities in danger of inundation in case of tsunamis.

Each node of the DART Buoy Array consists of two parts: a tsunameter positioned on the ocean floor and a surface buoy with satellite telecom capabilities. The tsunameters monitor the wave height by measuring the pressure of the water above it. Data from the nodes are sent to the World Meterological Organization’s Global Telecommunications System for global dissemination over the Internet.

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