Dam, That Water Is Cold


After his triumphant ice swim for an hour in 3ºC (37ºF) water at the Sidi Saad Dam in Jedliane (Kasserine), Tunisia last month, Nejib Belhedi is about to embark on another icy swim.

I will be swimming in another big dam lake in Tunisia, called Malleg Dam for an hour. It is located in the Kef region, the coldest area in the northwest of our country near the Algerian border.

ALWatanya TV and Hannibal TV will cover the event as it is part of the Kef Asslama project to help the younger generations who are without jobs. I discovered that at the age of 61, I can call myself an extreme swimmer. Tunisian swimming is truly entering in a new generation.”

At the age of 61, Belhedi is most definitely hitting his stride and giving inspiration to Tunisia’s next generation of swimmers.

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