Constant Hydration For Open Water Swimmers, Triathletes


We observe many open water swimmers and triathletes constantly have a water bottle on hand, frequently taking sips to stay hydrated at the office, in the car and while traveling.

As more and more swimmers and triathletes travel from one place to another, this handy drinking cup holder that can attach to your luggage seems like a good bit of equipment to have, especially for warm drinks.

The tugo®, invented by nurse Karen Porte, is a pliable cup holder that securely nestles a drink between the upright pair of handles on rolling luggage or any suitcase with wheels.

The tugo® enables the swimmer’s hands to be free to hold other bags, equipment or even use or text on a mobile phone. The suitcase can be pulled behind you without threat of spilling the contents of the cup (up to 500ml bottles and cans).

Keep on hydrating on the go.

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