Coconut Oil Is The Absolute Best To Remove Black Ink – Open Water Swimming


Athletes often have a hard time taking the black ink off from their skin after an open water race.

They try soaps of all kinds, they rub their skin in the shower, and they use towels in an attempt to wipe off the black ink.

But there is nothing so easy, so effective, and so quick to remove the black ink that is used for body marking as coconut oil. Just put a small dab of coconut oil in your hands or on your fingertips, and rub it lightly on the black ink on your skin, and rub off with a towel. Voila! The black ink comes off magically, easily and quickly.

The more natural (organic) the coconut oil is, the better. Try it and you will not be disappointed – and pleasantly surprised. The photo on left shows an athlete with one quick wipe of coconut oil. With a quick wipe of a towel, no more black ink.

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