Circle Tour Of New Jersey – Cape Circumnavigation Challenge


Ice swimmer Jason Malick announced the inaugural Cape Circumnavigation Challenge, a 15.1-mile marathon swim around Cape May to be held on September 14th 2013.

Cape May is dubbed America’s Oldest Seashore Resort with a history dating back to the early 1600’s. The town is located at the very southern tip of New Jersey where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet. Cape May was made into an island during World War II with the Cape May Canal dividing and separating the land from the rest of New Jersey.”

C3 is an invitation event where all swimmers will be pre-approved by Malick. The swim will be capped at 12 swimmers with three stand-by slots. English Channel rules will apply, although 2 swim caps are allowed. “The water is expected to be 73-75ºF (22.7-23.8ºC) at the start and finish and can drop an average of 2-3ºF in the Atlantic. Swimming around the 15.1-mile island offers a unique perspective, especially if you can bilaterally breathe or to the right!) of this memorable beach town of New Jersey.”

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